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Who Helped Me Out?

Hi, again! This time I'm going to tell you the most helpful person I've ever had in my life which is my   mom. Back then when I was little, she was the one who is always carrying me. She also gave her best effort to look after me even if I always cried and exhausting her. When I grew up into a kindergarten boy, she still cares so much about me. One of the actions that she had done for me was teaching me to count numbers, reading fairytale stories, colouring, and many more. There's one time when I'm very afraid to communicate with my friends at kindergarten. I feel afraid to lose her so I cannot lose my sight from her at anytime. But, she encouraged me to be a strong and brave person who can stand alone even if she's not there for me. Moreover, through all supports from my family, friends, relatives, espescially my mom and dad, I can manage to pass all of problems and gain achievements, such as studying at 3 Public Senior Highschool Banding which is very famous school thanks to them. In the end, I'm very grateful to have my mom, dad, and all of the person who stands up for me until now.

Senin, 23 Januari 2017

Short Trip to Malaysia

Last holiday was pretty much boring. But, a trip to Malaysia seemed to entertain me. It was at the beginning of the holiday, where I went to Malaysia with my family. My mom booked the ticket from about 3 months ago. In that time, when I was still studying, I can't wait for that trip to come true. I was very excited because I could relief all of my stressful thoughts and have fun in Malaysia. 

Preparation is the most important thing in holiday. Mom was the happiest person in preparing the trip. She likes to shop and that's why she already saved a lot of money for us to buy souvenirs and clothes at Malaysia. She also searched and chose the itinerary that is perfectly fit with our schedule. For me, I only prepared for clothes, phone, headset, and a small bag to carry things around while we're exploring Malaysia. My sister's preparation was pretty much same as I do and my dad didn't prepare that much. He only prepared for clothes and a fannypack to carry small things around.

When the day came, we finally rushed to the airport and flew by Malindo Airlines. After we arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), we bought a cellphone SIM Card. I forgot the name but we also booked UBER Taxi to get us from the airport to Traders Hotel. It was a quite long ride because the distanc between KLIA and Traders aren't close. It almost feels like you went from Bandung to Jakarta but a little bit faster. I was amazed by the scenery all around Kuala Lumpur. Their roads now are much more advanced than Indonesia's. Their way of transporting from one place to another was also amazing. They already have a monorail and many buses to travel. 

After we arrived at the Traders Hotel, we went to our rooms to leave our luggages. The room was very amazing because it gave us a direct spot to see the Petronas Twin Tower. After we left the luggage, we were looking for a place to eat in Suria KLCC. It was a mall and it was sized very huge. There were lots of fashion outlets, restaurants, and a place to go sightseeing. I remembered that we watched the waterfountain show and took some pictures of The Twin Tower. That day was exhausting, yet satisfying.

In the next morning, we jogged around the Suria KLCC and our hotel because it was very close. After we jogged, we swam at the highest floor of the hotel and went out for a breakfast. After all we've done at the hotel, we moved to another hotel called WOLO Bukit Bintang. It was across the Tous Les Jours Bukit Bintang near the H&M store. After we checked in, we explored Malaysia by a tourism bus named "Hop-On Hop-Off". The ticket booth for the bus was very near from my hotel. We only have to across to get there.

When we're on the bus, we took photos from Bukit Bintang, Chinatown, The Little India, Dataran Merdeka, the Sultan's palace, and the Petronas Twin Tower. It was really fun to go sightseeing there. As we went back to the hotel, we bought Tous Les Jours on our way to the hotel. At night, we shopped to the mall near WOLO Bukit Bintang and look for a place to eat again. Other than culinary, we were there to buy a new suitcase. My mom wanted to buy the Rimowa suitcase because she needed it in Japan.

On our third day, we went to Taiping to visit my mom's friend's wedding. He was an Indian and he met my mom when he was a junior in RSHS. He invited us to come to his wedding. After we arrived, there was a bunch of Indians in the hallway. They are a very nice people. It's very unique to see their wedding tradition. Firstly, they did a religious ceremony to begin. There are traditional musics that was using drums and flute as their instruments. Then, there was dancers coming all the way through the podium. They are dancing in the rhythms of the traditional music. Lastly, the people came to the podium and shaked hands with the future husband and wife. It was really entertaining and educating to see the progression of the wedding.

The wedding was finished. We were starving out there in Taiping. But, thank god we found McDonalds there! We ate so much there because we haven't eaten anything since we went there. After we ate, we walked around 3 miles away from McDonalds just to search for a taxi. I remembered that the weather was very hot until we arrived at the taxi bank. Immediately, we ordered for a drive and went back to the station and that's how we got back to Kuala Lumpur.

In the last day, we finally went to Putrajaya to take pictures there and went to KLIA to go home to Bandung. As we arrived at the airport, we rushed to the check-in desk because it was so full. We almost got left behind because of the check-in insident. The plane will fly at 12.15 but we still checked-in at 11.45. After we finished checking-in our luggages, we rushed to the immigration gate. Luckily, we met Taufik Hidayat there but there was no time to take a photo with him there. When we passed the immigration gate, we went to the boarding gate and when we reached it, the officer said that the plane was going to be late. We laughed at that time and got very upset because we couldn't get out of the room and buy more souvenirs. Finally, we wnt back home safely. That's all about my trip to Malaysia last year. How about yours? Tell me about your trip!

Selasa, 01 November 2016

My Hero

Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale entered the hospital and was appalled and horrified by what she saw. Wounded soldiers lay on straw mats that lined the room like coffins waiting for burial. The floor was covered with dirt and blood. There were no hospital gowns: the men still wore their uniforms. As Nightingale passed them, each soldier tried to act stern and tough, but their boyish faces betrayed unmistakable pain. Those who were able to conquer their convulsions lay still, as if dead.

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These were the hospital conditions in Scutari, Turkey during the Crimean War. Florence and a group of nurses were sent to this hospital to help make the hospital a more efficient place. The first change Florence made was scrubbing all the injured men's clothes. Then, she spent her own money buying bandages, operating tables and other basic necessities for the hospital. Her nurses cleaned the whole hospital so there were no more germs and this helped to stop contamination and spread of disease. She is a hero because she changed the hospital and saved lives with her determination and hard work.
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Florence Nightingale also changed the profession of nursing forever. Nursing was once an occupation with little respect: people didn't think you needed any special training or skills to do it, and most nurses were poor and uneducated. It was very unusual for Florence, who came from the upper class, to work in a hospital. The hospital conditions were more sanitary after she reorganized everything. Funds and donations flooded into hospitals and the patients received better care. Hospitals around the world were changed forever, and caring for the sick became an honorable profession.

Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy on May 12, 1820. Although Italian born, she grew up in London, England where her education included the study of Greek, Latin, German, French and Italian. Her father taught her history and philosophy while her governess schooled her in music and drawing. As part of an upper class family, Nightingale and her sister were expected to grow up as proper ladies who would "devote themselves to their family, husband, society, entertainment and cultural pursuits" (Bullough, 1993).
She was driven by a different dream. She believed that her attraction to nursing was God's will, or "a calling," and because of that she made many personal sacrifices to pursue her professional life with intensity.

source :
Her family disapproved of her decision to take up the nursing profession, which was seen in her day as a vocation for lower classes, one carried out under harsh conditions in dirty hospital environments. The family's disappointment did not deter her from her goal, and at the age of 33, having studied nursing for nine years, Florence began caring for the sick.

In 1853, she was asked to work at the Harley Street Nursing Home. There, she made improvements that included better organization and training for the staff, and she implemented a system that piped hot water to every floor. She also created a lift to bring patients their meals (Falkus, 1980).

The Crimean War began and the British army was unprepared to accommodate British battle injuries and casualties in Crimea. This led to disasters such as cholera, lack of supplies, and inadequate sanitation. British Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert, asked Nightingale to take nurses and help the hospital in Scutari, Turkey. On October 21, 1854 she set out for the hospital with the 38 nurses she had trained.
The state of the hospital in Turkey was horrendous but even more challenging was the hostile attitude that the nurses received from the doctors. Many did not even allow nurses inside the wards! It wasn't until the Battle of Inkerman, during which the British suffered many casualties and the hospitals became overcrowd, that the doctors were forced to ask for help.

Nightingale used her own money to make the hospital a cleaner, healthier and more efficient place for patients. She brought in basics including bandages, extra clothes, 200 scrub brushes and better food. She also took all the dirty clothing outside the hospital to be washed.

She sent reports back to London about ways to improve conditions and assumed care of the patients at night, moving about each floor comforting patients with a lamp in hand. This intimate relationship with her patients earned her the affectionate title of "Lady with the Lamp."
Though the male hospital team often resented her power to affect change, the troops were so grateful to her that they raised a special fund to allow her to continue her work.
Through selfless devotion and sheer determination, Florence Nightingale transformed the profession of nursing forever. She gave dignity and honor to what continues to be a female-dominated profession and revolutionized hospital conditions, making them more organized and above all, sanitary. Largely because of her efforts, funds and donations flood into hospitals, allowing patients around the world to receive better care.

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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

Japanese Urban Legend


One night Satoshi was walking home. His cram school had just let out, and it was nearing 10 pm. As he passed through a neighborhood, he saw a beautiful young girl near the top of an abandoned building. She was leaning out the window, with her elbows propped on the windowsill. She looked down at him, contempt and jealousy hiding behind her eyes.

Suddenly, the girl jumped out of the window. Shocked, Satoshi could do nothing but watch her fall. When the girl landed, Satoshi realized the horrible truth. She had only half a body. Her lower half looked to have been cut off by something. 

Satoshi remembered hearing on the news about a recent tragedy, where a girl was accidentally pushed off a train platform and onto the train tracks. The train cut her in half, killing her.

But she was right here, in front of him. She started dragging herself toward him, a scythe in one hand. As she skittered toward him on her elbows and claw like hands, a “teke teke” sound echoed around him.

Before he could move, she pushed off her elbows swinging her scythe at his midsection. Satoshi felt the scythe tear through him, and soon nothing. As he lay on the ground, blackness closing in around him, he saw her hate-filled face hovering above his. A look of triumph crossed it. That would be the last thing he would ever see…

(source : 

Quiz Time!!

1. What is the text about?
A. Japanese Folktales
B. Japanese Ghost Story
C. Teke-Teke Fairy Tale
D. Teke-Teke Urban Legend
E. Teke-Teke Japanese Folktales

2. Why did the girl's body get separated to half?
A. She fell under a train
B. She cut herself until her body got separated
C. She jumped from a bridge to a train railway
D. She did a suicide by sleeping on a train railway
E. She ran infront of a train and got herself crashed

3. What is the closest meaning for scythe?
A. Knife
B. Hammer
C. Axe
D. Sickle
E. Saw

4. What happened to the boy?
A. He got killed by train
D. He cut himself with a scythe
C. He got killed by Teke-Teke cruelly
D. He was cutted to half with a scythe by Teke-Teke
E. He got killed by Teke-Teke but managed to flee safely

5. What is the true fact of this text?
A. Teke-Teke was once a beautiful lady that loves to sit near a window
B. Teke-Teke was being seen by the boy near the train station
C. Teke-Teke's favourite victims are high-schoolers boy
D. The boy was an elementary school student
E. All answers are wrong

Selasa, 27 September 2016

Japan's Tourisms

Places You Must Visit in Japan

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Japan is one of the most favourite country to visit because of its fun-recreative tourisms. There are lots of places you can visit in Japan such as Tokyo Disneyland, Disneysea, Osaka Universal Studio, etc. Those places are probably become the main purpose for people to go to Japan. Why? Because a lot family bring their children to have fun in that place. Also, there are several more tourisms I’d like to explain to you. Maybe, you could put it on your list if you’re going to Japan.

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The first tourism that I would recommend to you is The Osaka Universal Studio. It is located in the Osaka city. It is one of the four Universal Studio themeparks in the world. Osaka Universal Studio has five themes of their shops and attractions. One of them is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The attractions that are available in that place are Flight of HippogriffTM, Wand Magic, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden JourneyTM in 4K3D. I think that these attractions are built more for the ten year old kids and above, but this doesn’t mean that a nine year old child or younger couldn’t enter this kind of stuff. The shops and dinings that are available at this place are the HoneydukesTM, Three BroomsticksTM, OllivandersTM, etc. The other themes that are fun to play are Universal Wonderland, Ride Attractions, Stage Shows and Street Shows, etc.

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The second tourism that is fun to visit is the Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea. I’m going to explain more about the Disneysea because it is one of the newest themeparks that is available now in Japan. Tokyo Disneysea is located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan and it is opened on September 4th, 2001. This themepark also has themes that differenciate the kinds of attractions that are available in this place. There are Lost River Delta, Arabian Coast, Port Discovery, etc. One of my favourite attractions in this themepark is the Indiana Jones Adventure : Temple of  The Crystal Skull. It is about the journey of Paco, the friend of Indiana Jones that will guide us through his expeditions. Besides Indiana Jones, this themepark has lots of tourisms that related with water. So, it is really fun to play here with your family  and getting wet because of the water attractions.

source :
The next place that is very interesting for you to visit in Japan is Nabana No Sato. It is located in Kuwana, Japan in Mie Prefecture. Nabana No Sato is a tourism where you can see flowers everywhere. This place serves you with many kinds of flowers and other plants that will seduce you into taking pictures of them over and over. I suggest you to visit this place in winter because there is a special event that the owner of this place is going to hold. That special event is called "The Winter Illumination". The Winter Illumination is an event where flowers and lights will ignite and become one. You can see it in the picture above this paragraph. 

source :
The last place that will get your attention is the Kusatsu Onsen Town. It is located in Gunma Prefecture. This place is good for people who is seeking hot baths in Japan. You won't be dissapointed if you visit this place.


My Unforgetable Experience

My First Trip to Singapore
I'd like to tell you about my Unforgetable Experience in my life, and that moment is the first time I went to Singapore. I went to Singapore for the first time in June 2013 after the Elementary School's National Exam has finished. In that period, I just graduated from my Elementary School after the announcement for the final exam score. I got a good score and I was happy at that time, plus my parents gave a present for me and the present was having a trip to Singapore with my family. Of course, I was very excited and can't wait to go to Singapore. 

Two days before the day I go to Singapore, I had prepared for everything starting from the clothes, money for buying some souvenirs, gadgets, etc. When the day comes, I was very joyful and can't wait to have fun there. I did some researches before I go to Singapore. I listed every things that I liked and told my mom to go to the places that I have researched. 

We went to Singapore from Jakarta by an airplane. At the airport, I entered the International Departure gate which it will takes us to the airplanes that is destinated to go to places outside of Indonesia. Before we flew to Singapore, we visited some restaurants to have heavy meals there. After we finished, we went to the Garuda Indonesia gate (I forgot the specific gate) and waited there until we were called by the operators.     

After a long wait, finally we departured and arrived there two hours later. The first place we visited there was the Bugis Street. It is flooded by food districts and traditional markets there. I ate a ramen  there, but I wasn't feeling good about it. Did you know why? I was feeling a bit doubt to all of the foods there because the food that is served there is very different from Indonesia. What I mean by different is the meat. I was afraid to eat in China restaurants there because they often use pork as their meat choice. The next place I visited in Singapore is The Little India. It was full of Indian people and Indian traditional foods. My mom decided to do a cullinary trip while we're in the Little Indian. We tried many kind of foods such as Briyani Rice, Indian Curries, etc. We also bought some souvenirs there. 

In the next day, we went to the Clarkequay Bridge to take some pictures there. The other place that I visited that day was the Merlion Statue. It was located near the Clarkequay River so we walked there. We also took some pictures in this place. At night, we sailed through the Clarkequay river by a boat and dropped at The Marina Bay Sands. At Marina Bay Sands, I visited the shopping centre there and bought sandals for us because my sister's foot was hurt. After we explored the Marina Bay Sands, we went back to our hotel in Bugis Street and prepared things for our next trip.

Our next destination was the Sentosa Island. We visited Universal Studio Singapore there and havng fun watching the water fountain show. It was really fun at the USS playing lots of kinds of attractions and tried new things there. In the next morning, we went to the airport and got back home safely. I was a bit of sad when I went back to Bandung because I knew that I'm going to miss all of the things we did there. I also felt happy at the same time because I learned how to use a subway train or the Singaporeans often called it MRT.

In the end, I felt very satisfied going to Singapore. If you asked, why is this moment become my most unforgetable moment? It's because this is the first time I went abroad with my family and having such a memorable family time there. One day, I hope that I could travel around the world with my family again.

Selasa, 20 September 2016

Megantara! "Kemilau Budaya Sinari Nusantara"

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Megantara is an art festival organized by the SMA 3 Bandung's students. It is one of the most prestigious event in SMA 3 Bandung. Megantara is stand for "mega" which means big and "gantari" which means "light". This festival is held at least once a year. This is the third art festival that SMA 3 Bandung has hold in the latest three years.

This event is held from 10.00 AM, until 10.00 PM. I came to this festival at 2.00 PM. There was a performance of the SMA 3' Vocal Group. It sounds amazing just to be there at the field listening to it while I was buying a food to enjoy it at around 2.30 PM. The other interesting performance that I watched is the Fashion Show. It was exciting to see a friend of mine walking on the catwalk acting gorgeus while they were wearing traditional clothes from Yogyakarta and other provinces. 
source : Ariel's private property
Other than fashion show, the most favourite thing I experienced in Megantara is The Ghost House. The Ghost House in Megantara placed just in front of the ‘Papua’ sign next to the face-painting booth. It can only be played if there are at least 4 people in the group. Each person must pay 5000 rupiah for a game. I played it once with my Junior Highschool Friends and the girls screamed all over the game while I was just laughing at them and not getting scared of the ghosts. It was really funny though to watch them hiding behind me and my friend.

Maybe, for most people, the most fascinating show in Megantara is the performance of RAN and The Changcuters. What I could say about them is the rock the stage! It was very entertaining to watch the audiences sing together with RAN and the Changcuters. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to become part of the committee of that show. But, overall Megantara was a big success!